Episode 14 – Chris George

Dr. Chris George joins Micah to offer his pastoral perspective on the church and its role in seeking justice in the world.  The personal experiences Chris shares from his ministry at Smoke Rise Baptist Church offer meaningful examples on how a congregation can be hospitable and neighborly in our world today.

Episode 12 Shane Tucker

Rev. Shane Tucker joins this episode of Scripture & Spice to discuss Israel’s economy during the Monarchy. God rescued his people from slavery in Egypt and offered them a new way to live in community together. Do they adequately meet those expectations once they enter the Promised Land and establish their government? Listen in to find out!

Episode 11 – Leland Merritt

Leland Merritt joins Scripture & Spice to share his insights on the economic systems developed in the Hebrew Bible.  Pharaoh’s economic practices of exploitation in Egypt provide a context for God to call his people to a new way of life and community living as they travel through the wilderness.  How does Pharaoh’s economy compare to our current context and how might Christians live and seek justice in spite of unfair economic practices?  Listen in to find out.

Episode 10 – Rev. Betty Sivas

Reverend Betty Sivas joins Scripture & Spice to discuss the final words of Jesus in the Gospels.  His last words of instruction to his followers have long impacted the way the church thinks about mission.  Listen in as Betty and Micah examine the commissioning passages in the New Testament.

Episode 8 – Dr. Bugg Review

Retired pastor and preaching professor, Dr. Chuck Bugg, joins this episode of Scripture & Spice to discuss the down turn in attendance and enthusiasm among churches following Easter.  While the dip in enthusiasm is natural, Dr. Bugg suggests that there are ways churches can and should build off of the momentum of Easter.  You will also hear what it means for Christians to think of themselves as post Easter people.

Episode 7 – Resurrection Continued Review

Rev. Thomas joins Scripture & Spice to talk about the resurrection of Jesus and its impacts on humanity.  Micah and Charles summarize ancient religious and pagan beliefs about afterlife and contrast such views with their understanding of how afterlife theology is presented in the New Testament.

Episode 6 – Resurrection Review

Rev. Josh Hardesty joins Scripture & Spice to talk about the remarkable events that took place on Easter morning.  During their discussion, Micah and Josh define resurrection, examine the Easter accounts recorded in the Gospels, and debate the different perspectives offered by the Evangelists: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

Episode 5 – Crucifixion & Love Review

In this episode of Scripture & Spice Dr. Court Lewis joined Micah to discuss the death of Christ on the cross and its implications for Christians.  The bible suggests that Jesus’ death on a cross is an act of love.  Theologians throughout history, specifically Peter Abelard, have developed atonement theologies about the love of God made known through Christ.  Tune in to hear their discussion about the cross as an act of love, and even hear the philosopher articulate his personal atonement theology.