Episode 32 – Rev. Micah Spicer – Paul: On Mission

32 Paul: On Mission

– Calling and Vocation in church
-What was the Apostle Paul’s purpose and mission?
-How did the Apostle Paul come to understand his purpose?
– The missionary Journeys of Paul
– Which US President did not put “President” on his tombstone?

Episode 30 – Rev. Micah Spicer – Bible characters

– Bible characters and why it is hard to understand them
– Why are there so many interpretations to Paul’s letters in the New Testament?
– When did Saul become Paul?
–  Paul’s conversion on the road to Damascus.
– Acts 9:1-9

Episode 28 – Rev. Micah Spicer – Jesus’s Crucifixion

Episode 28

Jesus’s Crucifixion

Matthew 27:11-24

Why did Jesus die on a cross?

Who’s fault is it that Jesus was Crucified? Pilate, the Jews, me, or you?

What do we know about Crucifixion from the ancient world? How might these insights help us to understand Jesus’ death better?

Episode 26 – Rev Micah Spicer Historical Jesus – The Mission of Jesus

Your friendly neighborhood pastor, Micah Spicer, finds himself back in the hot seat answering questions about the historical Jesus.  In this episode, Micah and Curtis discuss the mission of Jesus.  How does the church perceive that mission, and how might Jesus have perceived his own mission?  Tune in to find out.

Episode 25 – Miracles in the Ministry of Jesus

Your friendly neighborhood pastor, Micah Spicer, finds himself back in the hot seat answering questions about the historical Jesus.  In this episode, Micah and Curtis discuss the role of miracles in the ministry of Jesus.

Episode 24 – Rev Micah Spicer Historical Jesus Social & Economic

Your friendly neighborhood pastor, Micah Spicer, finds himself back in the hot seat answering questions about the historical Jesus. Learn about Jesus, his family, their social and economic status, and the experiences that helped shaped the theology of the Son of God.

Episode 23 – Rev. Micah Spicer

On this episode of Scripture & Spice, your friendly neighborhood pastor and host, Micah Spicer takes the hot seat to field questions about Jesus. The church claims that Jesus is the divine Son of God, but at times can overlook the human nature of Jesus. Micah articulates the need to study the humanity of Jesus and considers the context of 1st Century Palestine.

Episode 22 – Dr. David Cassady

Dr. David Cassady, President of Baptist Seminary of Kentucky, joins Micah in this episode of Scripture & Spice. Dr. Cassady shares some thoughts on the role of seminaries and divinity schools in the life of the church and explains what BSK is intentionally doing to engage with churches and communities throughout Kentucky. These are exciting yet challenging times for churches as well as seminaries, and Dr. Cassady is excited to lead a growing and diverse institution into the future.

Episode 21 – Clint Walker

Clint Walker joins Scripture & Spice to discuss his new role as pastor of Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church. Established churches, like new church plants, offer exciting opportunities and real challenges. Clint shares why he loves to be a pastor and what he is learning in his ministry context.

Episode 20 Dr. Ron Williams & Dr. Greg Wolf

In this special edition of Scripture & Spice, the team travels to a beautiful, warm sanctuary, on a cold, icy day to do a live radio broadcast for church and community members stuck at home on the Lord’s Day due to harsh road conditions. Ron Williams and Greg Wolfe join Micah to discuss the Biblical character Nehemiah, and how his work relates to the church today.

Episode 19 – Dustin McClain

Church Planter Dustin McClain joins this episode of Scripture & Spice. Micah asks Dustin about the decision making and practical processes of planting a church in 2019. The two talk about opportunities and challenges facing churches in our society. Pastor Dustin’s passionate faith is on full display as he introduces listeners to Purpose Church – launching January 27th, in Murray, Kentucky.

Episode 18 – Dr. Ron Williams

Retired pastor and New Testament Professor Emeritus Ron Williams is back for his second appearance on Scripture & Spice. In this Advent episode, Dr. Williams offers his insights to messianic theology during the 2nd Temple Period and how Christians have interpreted Jesus as Messiah.

Messiah in the Old Testament

Isaiah 7:14, Micah 5:2, 2 Samuel 7

  • What does the biblical term “messiah” mean?
  • How does the faith community evolve in their understanding of messiah?
  • Does the Old Testament hint at or predict Jesus as Messiah?
  • How does the Old Testament shape our understanding of Christ?



The Role of Preaching Today

  • Dwight Moody shares his approach to preaching.
  • What is the primary role of preaching today?  Is it the same as it was in biblical times?
  • What makes a good sermon?
  • What is the most listened to sermon in the history of the world?
  • Why is preaching important?

Jesus, Justice, and the Church

The Book of Ruth, Acts 2:42-47

  • What does justice look like?
  • Hospitality and neighborliness as themes in the Scriptures.
  • “Mine” as a naughty word.
  • How can churches be good neighbors today?
  • Chris George shares how his church is addressing issues of economic justice in his community.

Jesus & Temple Economics

Matthew 21:12-17, Mark 11:15-19, Luke 19:45-48, John 2:13-22

  • What economic implications does the temple have in Israel during the lifetime of Jesus?
  • What does Jesus think about taxes and sacrifices associated with the Temple in Jerusalem?
  • Why does Jesus cleanse the temple?
  • Luke’s Gospel as good news for the poor.
  • Was Jesus a Capitalist?

Economics in Israel’s Glory Days

2 Chronicles 9:1-28

  • God establishes justice while his people are in the wilderness.  When they settle the land of Israel, do they continue to practice God’s justice?
  • A unified monarchy is established under Saul, but doesn’t last forever.
  • Solomon is a rich and wise ruler, but he is not perfect.

Economics in Egypt

Genesis 47: 13-31, Exodus, Deuteronomy

  • Joseph helps Pharaoh build an exploitative economy in Egypt
  • Given current economic trends, does Pharaoh’s economy compare to our  context?
  • How does wilderness differ from dwelling in Egypt?
  • What are ways that Christians can seek justice in spite of unfair economic practices?